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            Hold On” performed by, the rock and pop group, Good Charlotte is a superb musical performance that describes the hardship people often face. Although it is not a poem per say, it speaks volumes to keep trying through hardship. Throughout the course of life, humans experience a variety of emotions. Happiness, love and joy are the most desired. These feelings are the result of positive and jubilant events. Like all things however, the good comes with the bad. Grief, jealousy, and remorse come with frustrating periods, and it is in times like these that people need to hold on.
            All people, from the rich to the poor, or to the young to the old, experience some emotional despair. The severity may differ, but everybody hurts. “This world is cold.” In this line, the speaker describes the world as being a frigid environment, because the world often is. More specifically, the people are cold. People make others, at times, feel sad, lonely and isolated, as stated in the song. Sometimes “this pain [is something] you cannot bear,” and it makes “…you feel like letting go.”
            Then, the speaker takes on a sympathetic tone when he/she says “we all bleed the same way as you do/And we all have the same things to go through.” In this way, the speaker tries to comfort the listener, because it is human nature to feel comforted by others who have sympathise with them. These lines becomes so important, and is such a focus in the song that they are repeated twice. Following a similar idea, the empathetic speaker wants us to “hold on if [we] feel like letting go.” This phrase takes a completely new meaning when we consider reality and the people who feel like they cannot hold on any longer. To put an put a stop to their days that are “…way to long” and their nights when that  “…can’t sleep at all” they resort to drastic, terrible measures to end their suffering. They detach themselves from society, fall into emotional, and physiological, depressions, become addicted to alcohol and drugs, and even commit suicide.  Despite what these unfortunate individuals think, “it gets better than you know.”
            As the song continues, the speaker once again attempts to console people. He/she knows that life can be difficult but also knows that “…we all bleed the same way as you do.” By saying, the speaker is using a metaphor, comparing human pain to a physical wound. In many aspects, this comparison does have some truth to it. Firstly, having a wound does bring one hurt and discomfort. It handicaps, and prevents, you from doing what you normally did. It affects all facets of your life, from family and friends and to your health, both mental and physical. The analogy has a second meaning. Most wounds heal. With some time, and some faith from within, the damage will be undone.
            Life truly is a journey. Along the way there are bound to be obstacles to overcome. Nonetheless, at the end of the adventure, there is a reward. Most know this, but some of us loose the will to continue. This is why the speaker wants us to “don't stop looking” and encourages us because “[we’re] one step closer.” No matter “…what you're waiting for or “…what you're looking for” one must be sure not to give in. Instead, we should all hold on, by supporting each other, and more importantly, believing in ourselves.