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Poetry Project 2004

                        Hello everyone, and welcome to the world of poetry!  Well, not all, but just a few - in detail!  Hehehe!  This is our English 11 Poetry Unit Project.  Please enjoy your visit!  Here were our instructions:

"Choose 6 poems to explore.  You may include the poem you present in class and you may (and are encouraged to) use poems outside of the class text.  One of them may be a song and up to two of them (one from each person) may be your own poem.  Create a webpage, collage, video, recording, or use another medium of your choice to showcase the poems and your analysis of them.  For all poems, you must provide an analysis that includes an interpretation of the poem, a discussion on the effectiveness of poetic decides used (underline the text and show specific terms), and your opinion/observations on the deeper issues that the poems impart."

And of course, the mark distribution ...

    /40   Presentation/Appearance
    /20   Grammar
    /10   Bibliography
    /10   per poem (3 poems per person; in pairs: /60)
                 --> analysis (2 pages double spaced)/Mandala structure (1 poem only)
                 looking for:    - depth of analysis (deeper themes/issues)
                                     - understanding/application of poetic terms/devices
                                     - ideas supported with quotations
                                     - quotes flow and are explained

(The song you are currently listening to is called Hold On by Good Charlotte, one of the six that we chose to analyze on; the song will take a while to load, so please be patient!)

Project proudly done by Anthony Choy and Gary Tse